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They Lied to Me

Pioneering Village cabin

When I was in college, I worked several summers as the director of the Pioneering Village at a boy's camp in the Adirondack Mountains in New York.

We started one season in early June, before most of the schools let out for the summer. We must have had boys from a special school, because it was so early in the season that it was at least a week before the surrounding town was ready for us.

When it came to the first Sunday of the trip, one of the boys, Robin, came to me and asked to go to church. I asked the camp director and learned that the only church in the area wouldn't open for a week. So, I told Robin that the area church wasn't open.

He said. "I have to go to church. I always go to church on Sunday. At ten o'clock, every Sunday, we go to church."

It was gettin near ten o'clock and Robin was getting anxious. "They told me that if I didn't go to church, I would be struck down by lightning."

I told him how sorry I was but there was nothing I could do.

So Robin went to his cabin and crawled under his bunk—and stayed there for over an hour, maybe two hours. The, as it was getting towards noon, he poked his head out from under the bed.

I turned to him as he lifted himself erect and looked around him—checking to see if there was any lighting damage.

Seeing none, he turned my way and said. "They lied to me."

~ Al Zagofsky









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