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Laurel With the Hair of Coral

CW Hurni is an established sculptor, with a BA from CSUS. Studied puppetry with Prof. Bay and established Puppets and Motion with her original plays.

"We'll have a baby," so he said
"A sweet little angel to make our life swell
To love and to nurture," as he kissed her head
Soon, her belly grew big to tell.

And they named her Laurel
The new baby with hair of coral

She was the darling of the yard
Learning to coo and kaka doodle doo
Her bud was a big drooling Saint Bernard
When sleeping or awake he was her guard

They had named her Laurel
Little princess with ringlets of coral

Her little feet danced before they could walk
She sang her songs before she could talk
With the squeal of the piglet, she'd giggle and smile
While chubby arms flailed to beguile

Her name was Laurel
Their singing girl with hair of coral

She skipped; she hummed to the tunes from her farm
The beats expressed with theatrical arms
Her legs finished in a grande jeté 
The cows acknowledged her graceful plié

For her name was Laurel
The dancing child with braids of coral



She performed with the sheep
As Diana she leaped
Calling them the Supremes
And made them her team.

She called herself Laurel
La danseuse with pigtails of coral

For the Everly Bro's
The horses, she composed
A harmonious tune we do suppose
With feelings and soul, artfully disclosed

She was Laurel
The star of the yard with locks of coral

With The Fifth Dimension
She gave special attention
Inside the coop with her poultry performing with glee
The chickens not sultry when flying 'round free.

She was called Laurel
The star of the farm with tresses of coral

The Beach Boys were present in the form of the geese
For playing the trough was her masterpiece.
Then winter came and gave them strife
The old walnut tree was no longer alive

And there was Laurel
With hair of coral

Springtime arrived with vigor and might
The long brutal winter had given them fright
Sweet Laurel, not stopping, she wore the crown
Turning frowns happily upside down

All cheered their sweet Laurel
Their shining star with hair of coral

~ CW Hurni





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