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Sounds of Two Syllables
See: *In Memorium: Mark Heckey at left

Before retiring, John Patterson worked light and heavy blue collar, his law office, public secondary teaching and administration. When not writing his memoir, he tells true stories.

* In Memorium: Mark Heckey

A close writing colleague passed away a year ago April 24. He served as a CWC-Sac Board member for two years and was an original committee member of our first Anthology. He enjoyed sharing his life and experiences with others through writing.

Besides articles published in a few places, including Comstock's and CA Update, Mark has two novels on Amazon: Executive Action and Shanghaied in Shanghai. His Critique Group was among the sixty people at a memorial in his backyard where the poem "Two Syllables" was read by John Patterson.


* When I think of Mark,
I think of two syllables.
The first is er.

As a leader,
I met him at a Board of Directors meeting,

As an author,
Part of the California Writers Club, Sacramento Branch.

As a brother
Who was concerned about his southern California sibling.

As a partner,
As his time and plans centered on his life with Jan.

As a proud father,
Who shared his life with his family.

As a photographer,
Who shared pictures of his family trips.

As a researcher,
Such as sharing the Wrigley's influence on Catalina Island.

As a writer,
Who brought story to life.

As a golfer,
Who made his hits on the links.

As an earth lover,
Who was concerned about climate change.

As a preserver,
Who cared about Glenn Canyon.

As a documenter,
Who shared his family's connection to Bonnie & Clyde.

As a hiker,
Enjoying, most recently, Italy from the ground up.

As an urban planner,
His planning even evident in his writing.

And I did say urban,
But I could, should also say, urbane,
The second syllable here.
Mark was ur-bane.
Polite and distinguished in his presence,
Never offensive,
Aware, gentle, and present.

Those two syllable sounds,
Is how I remember Mark.

~ John Patterson