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  From the Publisher
Al Zagofsky, publisher

It looks like spring is in full bloom here in Sacramento — even though some slopes remain open around Tahoe for those dedicated spring skiers.

For me, it's the beginning of kayaking season‚ and oh how I've been missing it. Through a combination of droughts, Covid and personal illness, I haven't been on the river for much of the past four years. Time for a comeback.

I've been playing a bunch of pickleball. Adele's become a regular. I'm a semi-regular.

And I've started to get back to dance, This morning I went to a half Zumba Gold class — I only made it through half.

And I'm getting back to biking. I can now cover to my old distance of 4 miles. And I've been doing some swimming, back up to 10 laps of assorted strokes with some small rests.

I'm trying to do this as rehab after my surgeries. According to my PT guy, "Exercise but don't overdo it."



I'm still writing/publishing the California Update. Still using my 2009 Mac. I thought it was going to die more than once, but as Mark Twain remarked in 1897 after having read his obituary in a local newspaper, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

I'm also involved in a local in-person weekly writing group, and an on-line weekly songwriting group.

So that's an update on me. Let me know how you are doing — and write an article if you can.

I'm kinda thinkin' about writin' a tune, "Don't Ever Date a Song Writer." Adele tells me that we songwriters often get a bit too personal.

~ Al Zagofsky






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