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AI Vs. The Washington Post

The dishwasher may be the battleground in the war between the sexes


With the coming of age of artificial intelligence, I thought that I would compare AI to an article in the Washington Post relating to — what do couples argue about.

First the musings of ChatGPT:

Couples can argue about a wide range of topics, but here are some common ones:

Communication: This can include issues like not listening to each other, interrupting, or being dismissive.

Money: Disagreements about spending, budgeting, or debt can be a major source of conflict in relationships.

Chores: Arguing over who should do what around the house can be a recurring issue in many relationships.

Sex: Differences in libido or sexual preferences can cause tension between partners.

Jealousy: Trust issues, insecurity, or suspicion can lead to arguments and conflicts in a relationship.

Family: Disputes over how to interact with each other's families or how to raise children can lead to disagreements.

Time: Disagreements over how much time to spend together or how much time to spend pursuing individual interests can create tension in a relationship.


Values and beliefs: Conflicts can arise when partners hold different beliefs about religion, politics, or other important issues.

It's important to note that every couple is unique and may have their own specific areas of disagreement. Effective communication, mutual respect, and a willingness to compromise can help couples work through their differences and build a stronger relationship.

Next an article from the Washington Post, "When the dishes mean war: Couples share their fights about the home.

Leaving drawers open.
Leaving windows open.
Dealing with cooking grease.
Leaving on the lights.
Setting the temperature.
Washing dishes.
Replacing finished items.
Dealing with clutter.
Rinsing dishes before placing in dishwasher.
Placing utensils up or down in dishwasher.
To empty dishwasher at night or morning.
Loading the dishwasher.
What to call an item.
Toiler seat up or down.
Toilet paper hangs up or down.

Who wins? AI seems to address the big things in life — the WP article seems to address the daily things in life.

You be the judge.

Keep up the good fight.

~ Al Zagofsky









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