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  From the Publisher
Al Zagofsky, publisher
Illustration by José Luis Rodríguez Arellano

Frankly, it's feeling funny. Yes, funny to be going places… and going places without a mask.

It's almost embarrassing. I have to stop when I enter a building and check the signs… and often ask someone, "Do I need a mask?"

And the signs are beginning to read, "Masks are only required if you haven't been vaccinated. Trust! Why not? What else can we count on?







So, Adele and I are eating out, traveling and going into shops. It's kinda weird. In fact, during the first days of this June 15th reverse moratorium, I was having a minor panic attack — not knowing if I could go to these places.

But I toughened up, resolute, and went through the doors. And you know what… I discovered that I wasn't missing all that much. Not missing the crowds, the traffic, the lines.

Welcome back to the new normal.

~ Al Zagofsky






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