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  The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Al Zagofsky, publisher
Illustration by José Luis Rodríguez Arellano

We now have two Covid vaccines.

People are heralding them as a light at the end of the tunnel.

The question remains:
Is the light at the end of the tunnel— daylight?
Is the light at the end of the tunnel — a train heading right towards us?

I don't know. But there are things that make me uncomfortable. Here's some issues:

  • The vaccines are approved on an emergency basis. That is different from a normal approval.

  • The testing was on an expedited basis — something that we have never done before.

  • The Trump administration put pressure on all aspects of the vaccine production, approval and distribution after being reluctant to support less expensive, complex methods.

  • Questions exist in my mind about the test procedures and the way the effectiveness has been calculated.
  • Questions exist about the vaccine's side effects.

  • Questions exist about how effective the vaccine will be in the general population.

  • Questions exist about how long the vaccine will provide protection.

  • Questions exist about whether a person getting the vaccine and then exposed to Covid could pass the disease to others.

  • Questions exist about how certain populations may respond to the vaccine.

  • Questions exist about how effective will the vaccine be if the virus mutates.

The last time we had a similar government push to get people to take a vaccine, it was for the Swine Flu — and that was a disaster.

Let us hope the Covid vaccine is as good as they are claiming that it is.

In the meantime — stay apart, mask-up, and wait your turn for a vaccine appointment.

~ Al Zagofsky








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