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A retired English teacher, Susan Dlugach just cannot retire from learning, tutoring, writing, traveling and exploring.


Old elms, dark as forest moss,
          shade us
          by tennis court
          after coffee
          before sun burns shadows short

Balls volley thwack thwack thwack
          our cat-cows arch up, down,
          inhale, exhale,
          mats pressing fresh cut grass

A chestnut dappled mutt
          hears us say downward dog
          wanders over, sniffs,
          trots back to his man holding leash

Forward fold
          we rise to sun salutation
          city tractor zags
          mowing this green park
          whirr whirr whirr




We face a nearby redwood
          focus on its rough reddish bark,
          balance, rooted tree pose,
          one leg support, arms to sky,
          erect, then wobble
          back to both human feet

Toddler in pink strays near
          mom grabs hand, pulls her away
          Malasana—butts down to ground
          body slants back, legs angle up
          we are v's, boat balance

Thwack whirr thwack whirr
          we slip down to shavasana
          flat back, face up, eyes closed
          under morning's feathery breath

Slow wrestle upward, cross-legged,
          hands to prayer
          gratitude, another day

~ Susan Dlugach

Editor's note:
Susan and Adele are regular yoga buddies.




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