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I hardly knew Kimberly.

I hardly knew Kimberly. Actually, I knew Kimberly for only a few minutes.

Facts be such, she never told me her name, and I wouldn't have known it if I hadn't taken off her collar.

How did we meet? Well, I was returning home from the morning bike ride I tended to take before the hot part of the Sacramento mid-summer day came about.

The garage door was open—very unusual because I remembered closing it and my wife, Adele, is always careful to make sure it is closed.

Upon closer inspection, Adele was just inside the garage, alongside our grandson, Elan, and she was signaling to me and pointing downward. As I looked downward, a cat was peacefully lying just in-front of the garage, and there was a water dish beside the cat.

I got off my bike and parked it at the bottom of the driveway—taking care not to spook the cat, and walked around the cat to where Adele and Elon were standing.

"She followed us home," Adele said. "We were out walking and the cat followed us home. What should we do?"



I took a closer look and saw that the cat was wearing a collar, so I did a, "Here Kitty, Kitty," and she came closer—so close that I was able to read a part of her tag, to read the name, "Kimberly." I could see that there were additional words and a phone number.

As I tried to read the information on the tag, Kimberly slipped out from her collar. I was afraid for a moment that she would run away and have no identifying collar.

But having the collar, I was able to jot down the phone number listed and read a note that said that she was an inside/outside cat.

We called the number, and the women who answered said that she was out of the area and Kimberly would be all right and find her way home.

So, I gave the collar to Adele and said, "We did all that we could do."

Adele put the collar back onto Kimberly and after a while, Kimberly wandered away,

I don't know if we'll ever see Kimberly again.

~ Al Zagofsky





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