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  So Much, So Little, So Soon
Al Zagofsky, publisher
Illustration by José Luis Rodríguez Arellano

Hi stay at homes,

I hope you enjoyed my Corona Corona audio. Let me know if you didn't receive it.

So much, so little has happened so soon.

I hope that you are enjoying your family time.

Here's a bunch of things to do:

Try family time
Discover the Zoom app
There's alway sex
Try cooking something special
Rent a video
Learn something new
Call an old friend
Walk in the park
Check an online exercise
Clean your house
Plant a garden
Learn a song
Write a story/poem/song
Learn a recipe
Try facetime
Take a class
Make a video
Upload a video to YouTube
Pray at an online service









Update your software
Order a meal delivered
Learn/play an instrument
Read a book/Kindle from library
Buy a Kindel book from Amazon
Jigsaw puzzle
Listen to podcasts
Yoga, tie chi/dance
Ping Pong
Make cookies
Start a self-isolation diary
Take photos
Visit a trusted person
Find a journaling app
Discover apps
pet sit
meals on wheels volunteering
sort through your clothing
binge watch
check out song facts, rhyme zone
bike ride
learn to cut hair
Take a hot bath/shower/spa
Try the YMCA pool
pick weeds/fruit
bird watch
walk along a stream
tour local outdoor art







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