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Why Now?

Ray Blain is a retired pediatrician and medical consultant, and author of a forthcoming autobiography Becoming A Doctor; My Dreams and Nightmares.

On January 2, 2020 the year had hardly begun when Iranian General Qassem Soleimann of Iran was killed by an American drone attack in Bagdad, Iraq. He has been a leader, mastermind, and coordinator of terrorist attacks involving the killing of innocent people all over the Middle East, Europe and other countries for decades. His death will not be mourned in those areas. He has been a problem through the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations for decades.

Is his assassination at this moment in time a ploy to distraction attention from Impeachment?

Why was he assassinated now? My theory is that it is a new catastrophic distraction created to call attention away from Impeachment and improve the chances of avoiding removal from office of a desperate Mr. Trump by the Senate in an Impeachment Trial, or American people in the November 2020 election. This action could have been implemented so as to save the Senate the embarrassment of a sham trial and acquittal of Mr. Trump's most recent obvious Constitutional violation by his repeated abuses of power.

This administration has been noted for creating "shiny new objects" as distractions to divert the attention of the media from actions or information that reflects poorly on the ignorant, amoral, immoral, illegal or damaging actions of the Trump administration. Impeachment is the newest and greatest threat to Mr. Trump.

Overwhelming and irrefutable evidence continues to mount pointing to his guilt and the suitability of his removal from office. As this evidence builds it is becoming more obvious, odious and almost impossible for the Senate and Mr. McConnell to continue to try to coverup, dismiss the charges, and is creating the need for a real Impeachment trial. So what can Trump do to distract attention from the Impeachment, and rally the American people around the Presidency and the American flag?

Start a war. That usually works.

This is not a good or even acceptable anti-Impeachment strategy.

How would we react if Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador used a drone strike against one of our administration officials, like Steven Miller, for our separation of children from their parents at the border camps as a means of discouraging the seeking of asylum from gang and government violence? Such a drone strike would be totally unacceptable.

Would a diplomatic effort to have General Soleimani tried in an international court for crimes against humanity have been a better option? But would that have opened the door for crimes against humanity trials against some American officials, including Mr. Trump, for the family separation policies? America has always strictly protected its sovereign power from foreign interference except for recent elections.

The American people have also always rallied in support of our presidents during times of war, or attacks in other countries by us including Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Panama, Korea, Mexico and two World Wars.




Now we have a president who was a draft dodger, with multiple suspicious medical deferments for undocumented bone spurs during Vietnam, and two adult sons and a daughter, none of who has served in the military, even the reserves, pushing us to the brink of another World War during the age of atomic weapons. God help your children who are being put at risk.

This is not a smart or safe anti-Impeachment strategy, nor is it a good way to justify an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, one of the current administration's probable goals.

The media is also fanning the flames of war with talk of Iran being obligated to take retribution for the assassination of one of its generals even if he was the person behind many terrorist attacks. This makes it harder for Iran to seek any kind of diplomatic solution or recompense. Such talk is not conducive to good diplomacy.

Fanning the flames builds television show ratings but hardly helps the cause of a peaceful solution of the present crisis.

Are we ready for, or do we even want, another World War? Especially one that will involve a combination of terrorist attacks, conventional and nuclear warfare? If Iran attacks us, any of our assets, citizens, or allies in retribution, the cry will be sounded in our country to retaliate with further escalation.

Trump will then have the excuse he needs to attack Irans's nuclear facilities with or without a Congressional declaration of war. That will be seen as an open act of war by many Middle Eastern countries, some of which have nuclear weapons already. They will also see it as an attack by an anti-Muslim president and his country on the more than 1 billion Muslims of the world.

This president has spent three years seriously damaging our European, African, Asian, Central, North and South American alliances, treaties, and international relationships. Do you really think many of them would be willing to be our allies in a war against the Muslim world of a billion potential soldiers? Surely, Russia, China and North Korea will not rush to our aid either.

But as the situation escalates, Trump will have the excuse he needs to impose harsh restrictions on American Muslims. Will we have new internment camps like we did during World War II against our Japanese citizens? Anyone who looks even slightly like a person from the Middle East is now also in greater danger of racial and ethnic abuse. Will the border wall Trump is building with military money be needed to keep Americans from leaving to avoid terrorism more than as a deterrent for those seeking asylum?

This new anti-Impeachment strategy is extremely dangerous.

I doubt if this administration has anyone who can come up with a plan to get us out of this latest and worst mess created by this administration. 2020 is definitely time for a change in our country's direction.

~ Raymond Leo Blain
































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