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  What It Is About
Gideon Wizansky was born in Jerusalem, Israel and is a retired naval architect.

Editor's note:

Gideon wrote this poem about a second love after his first wife died

I sat on a rock by the creek
Watching the cascading water
Shimmering in the sun
Flowing out to sea.

I listened to chirping of birds
And looked at the trees
Lining the banks of the creek
Leaves quaking in the wind.

An image came to mind
My beloved departed wife
Ethereally shaped body and soul
Floating aloft
Criss-crossing the creek.

I came to talk
Seek advice and clear my mind
Where to go, what to do
About my new love and me.





I poured out feelings and thoughts
Hoping for response and clarity.
I sat in reverie
Feeling one with all
And just being.

And then it came,
What it is about
A life that is filled
With caring and love
Intimacy and joy
Shared with one you love
Have common interests with
Enjoy being and doing things with.

I love you my love, Marry me.

~ Gideon Wizansky



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