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  Am I Lonely Tonight?
Al Zagofsky, publisher
Illustration by José Luis Rodríguez Arellano

Am I lonely tonight?

Yes, I am.

And I have been lonely for the past ten days,

Why? Adele has left me.

No, no—not permanently. She went on a retreat vacation.

Where? To Bali— 8,360 miles away—pretty close to half way around the world.

Why? It's a yoga retreat—and you can't just do yoga in Sacramento, or San Francisco, or Ojai. No, Bali Hi calls, and true yogi-philes must answer the call.

I've been in "touch" with Adele—as much as is possible with a 15 hour time difference. By "touch," I mean by FaceTime, that picturePhone app on the iPhone.

And I could see her, almost in real time. I got to learn interesting things like today is tomorrow. With the 16 hour time difference, when I received a call at 5 or 6 p.m., she was getting ready for breakfast the next day.






Add that gets even more astonishing when she's coming home because her 20 or so hour flight is scheduled to land only three hours after take-off. I guess the Beatle's song, "I'll Follow the Sun" really does apply.

She got to do yoga—sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow; she got to go snorkeling—she got sun burned; and she got to see the monkeys in the Hindu temple—before they attacked.

There is probably more to tell but sometimes I forget.

As for me, I've been working on my sing alongs. Send me an email if you're interested in checking it out—you don't have to carry a tune or play an instrument—but you need to be interested.

Oh, yeah. The photo on the cover was taken yesterday as I was helping on a clean-up along the American River Parkway. It shows the section of the river where I lead kayaking trips. Let me know if you are interested.

Well, I just heard from Adele. Her plane has landed. I may be lonesome tonight but at least I'm keeping myself busy writing this note.







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