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  Wrapping Up the Decade
Al Zagofsky, publisher
Illustration by José Luis Rodríguez Arellano

What a decade this has been.

Let's see. In 2010, I was living in Jim Thorpe, PA, writing for the Times News, and doing a lot of kayaking.

What is now California Update was then Carbon County Magazine.

I had two grandchildren—now I have four.

And I'm living in California. It was a long time coming. Adele and I had visited California just about every year over the decade—that's where our three daughters settled. So, it was just a matter of time until we moved closer to them.





Well, we've seen fire and we've seen rain. We've seen droughts and floods. We've even seen a volcano. but so far, no earthquakes.

It's good that I've continued with California Update. I've been able to stay in touch with you, dear reader.

Even better, some of you have contributed articles—all the much better. If you haven't so far, please drop me a line at azagofsk@gmail.com.

Happy New Year.

~ Al Zagofsky






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