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Sandi Wasserman has been writing poetry since her teen years. She’s been published in Sambatyon, The Squaw Valley Review, Whispers Along The Delta, and We Beg to Differ.

"At the Safeway on Arden Way near Watt Ave., where I always shop, I was doing my big shopping and racked up a $50 bill.

When I pulled out my card from my new bank account, it wouldn't go through. I then pulled out my SNAP card and it was empty.

There I was, with folks in the line behind me.

I was horrified and embarrassed. I pulled my cart full of bagged groceries and walked across the aisle to the office and started putting my groceries on the counter.













Shortly after I started this, I was told that someone in the line behind me paid for all my groceries and I just burst out crying. I wanted to thank the person, but the staff told me the party who did this insisted on remaining anonymous.

Then someone else told me that I must be a good person, because that's how good goes around, and I burst out crying more.

Somehow, I did manage hollering out a loud "Thank you!" through my slobbery face to whomever might hear me."

Hugs, Love and Peace to All!    
~ Sandi Wasserman    


















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