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Gideon Wizansky was born in Jerusalem, Israel and is a retired naval architect.

My daughter visited me recently in Ashland.  It was a brief visit.  I wrote a poem about it.

I meet her at the airport
We hug
Lunch at Standing Stone
Talking of happenings
Then to Mountain Meadows

Workout in the Gym
A short walk
Dinner in the Dining Room
With friends
At a community table

An evening of talk
Reminiscing of old times
A dice game
A late snack
Then bedtime

An early morning
Chatting at breakfast
Taking another walk
Brunch with friends
Followed by birthday
Of a friend

Next day is back to airport
We hug
We part with fond farewell
My heart is sad
My loving caring daughter
Is going home.

~ Gideon Wizansky





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