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  A Walk in the Mall
Anita Adams retired from a career in newspaper advertising at five different newspapers, followed by a second career as a Meat/Food Inspector for the State of California and Southwest Airlines. Always a Pollyanna, she always knew tomorrow would be better! But sometimes tomorrow took a long time.

It was SO hot but I needed a walk. Oh, yeah, I could go to the mall – it's cool there!

So, off I went late Sunday afternoon with few people. I parked the car and walked into the Mall.

Oh, there's See's Candy – I need to get a box of candy to send to Helen who's been in the hospital for a month in Mississippi, but I'll wait until I finish walking since I don't want to drag it along for half an hour . . . but, it's right here.

I went inside, got the box of candy, and continued on my walk through the mall for exercise. Oh, look! Cristopher Banks has some neat clothes, I'll wait until I finish my walk so I don't have to carry another bag with me . . . but, geez, it's right here. In I went.

Nearly $50 later, I continued my walk. I got to the South end of the mall as a security guard was closing the metal gate closing off the mall from the movie theater. Ohmigosh, it's 7 o'clock and they're closing. I asked the guard if I needed to exit there but he told me I could exit from any door in the mall. I continued my walk for exercise.

Several of the Kiosks were still open and a few people lingered in some of the shops. I was really hoofing it and burning up those calories and exercising all my body parts. I was safe from myself now that the stores were closing so I didn't need to linger in front of each store calling my name.



What a good girl I am! I was strengthening my upper body by carrying my purchases and my inner strength was getting a workout by resisting my remaining purchasing power with the stores closing. Hooray, what a great pace. Another round and then I'll head for the car.

As I approached the West entrance of the mall to leave, I noticed a grubby guy knocking on the door and pointing at me for me to open the door to let him in. I walked behind a large sign for a few minutes, then turned around and headed back to the main part of the mall where a guy at a jewelry kiosk was still open. I told him what had happened; he suggested he call security but I just asked if there was another exit nearby where I could leave without the being noticeable.

He told me of a "secret" exit I could use if I promised to never reveal to anyone else. I gladly gave him my word and headed to the "secret" exit. It was quite creepy but I was so grateful to leave safely.

The walk in the mall cost me about $20 for each 10 minutes of walking. What sweet sorrow! A bargain any day – especially on a really hot one!

~ Anita Duncan Adams



















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