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Welcome to the A&A B&B

Zoe and Adele at the A&A B&B

If you feel welcome to the Hotel California, then you'll feel doubly welcome to the A&A B&B—especially if you are a relative.

What's the A&A B&B? It's Al & Adele's Bed & Breakfast. Not open to the public but definitely a destination for family—especially our three daughters who enjoy the myriad services that only the A&A B&B can provide to our grandchildren/grand-dog.

Service number one—and there is no particular reason why it is number one other than it was the first one that came to mind—Grandparents Camp. At A&A B&B, the grandkids, depending on their age—and we currently have reservations for GKs from two to 13, we offer overnights, singalongs, independent play, goofing around in the garden, swimming, kayaking, and of cause our unique cuisine.

And that's number two—our unique cuisine. Well, Adele has become an outstanding plant-based foodie. She has made plant-based mozzarella, parmesan and ricottas cheeses; corned beef, gyros, moussaka, sausages and hamburgers; and lots of soup, salads and pasta/rice/quinoa dishes.

Al has made mostly plant based pot pies, Thai, Indian, Israeli and Ethiopian dishes. For those staying just the weekend, his Sunday morning treat is fresh waffles with fresh fruit—typically from our fruit trees and berry bushes.

And that brings us to our grand-dog services. We don't accept just any unaccompanied dog. But we make an exception for Zoe—the family dog of our oldest daughter. And we make that exception because Zoe is so well behaved—and so sensitive.






The well-behaved is pretty obvious. She sleeps all night, doesn't try to get into our bed, walks when we feel like walking chases balls and sometime returns them—more often if we have treats,

But what we like most about Zoe is that we can blame her for every little thing that does go as expected—and she never complains. Tjis works especially well when she's not even visiting.

For instance, if either Adele or I forget to return an item to the refrigerator at night, and we see it on the counter in the morning—in days gone by, we would have pointed accusingly at one another, But now, we blame it on the dog. "Zoe did it," we joke. I sure hope Zoe doesn't read this—she's not on the magazine's distribution.

Besides the grandkids, here at A&A B&B we infrequently get the balance of the mishbucha, That's mostly because we have limited sleeping accommodations. Sure for one night, we can shoehorn maybe three or possibly four—assuming they like each other and are good with a couple of hours rest and a hot plant-based meal on their run from the Bay Area to Tahoe. I have been avoiding Tahoe, at least in the winter. Coming from the East Coast, I've had enough snow to last me until I forget how miserable it was.

So we're readying the A&A B&B for the first arrivals of the season. Welcome to the A&A B&B

~ Al Zagofsky





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