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  Been Songwriting
Al Zagofsky, publisher
Illustration by José Luis Rodríguez Arellano

Within the last year I went from practically no interest in music to becoming consumed with songwriting, and to an increasing interest in musical performance.

It kind of hit me all about the same time—a confluence of music-related instances. I took a protest song class at Sac State's Renaissance Society. There I learn several important things: most folk tunes are based on prior folk tunes—or as instructor, Mike Hersher suggested, "Steal, Steal, Steal."

And as you've probably noted, as a journalist, I've had my share of topics worth protesting about. This a match made in heaven.

Then, I was floored by the Valley Ukulele Society from Folsom. They were having so much fun. So, I realized you don't need to have talent to have musical fun.







Morphing the two together, I realized that it doesn't take talent to play music or to write music. No one is born much more musical than anyone else. Music is a language—as is songwriting. If you are exposed enough to a language, over time, you get better at it.

That's what I'm finding about music.

Since my early dabbling in protest music—about six months ago— I've moved on to dabble in country, rhythm & blues, folk, and rock 'n roll. And I've written on such heady subjects as veganism, friends moving, getting older, and falling in love.

I tried to post the audio file but it's taking too long. Try again next time.

~ Al Zagofsky








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